Guide To Caring For Your Countertop

Your countertop, whether it is placed in the kitchen or in the bathroom, needs love and care. Regardless of the materials used for its construction, the countertop will not last long if it was not tended to early on. With that in mind, you should learn how to protect, clean, and pay attention to it, to avoid replacing your countertop any time soon. Remember that these things are not a dime a dozen. In fact most of them come with a high price tag so if you do not want to make a hole in your wallet, do the steps below.
  1. Countertops are made with strong and long lasting materials like stone and wood. However, they can be a bit sensitive, especially when it comes to cleaning agents. Ordinary soaps can be harsh for your marble countertop. In fact, it may leave a permanent marking on it that will make it next to impossible to remove. If you want to keep the countertop clean, then go for liquid solutions that are especially made for marble, granite, or wood.
  1. Food and liquid that are acidic in nature like vinegar, lemon, tomato and the like has the ability to destroy your precious countertop. Be careful not to let them spill on it, and do not use them as a cleaning solution as well because it will do more harm than good.
  1. The moment you spot a spill or stain on your countertop, wipe it with a clean cloth immediately. This will lessen the chances of etching the marble, and it will also make it easier to remove the dirt. Deciding to remove it later on may be too late for you, so be quick on your feet and save your countertop.
  1. Always remember that burn marks are forever. No matter how much you scrub it with a solution or brush, it will cease to vanish, and even if it removable, the whole process is still a nightmare. That is why you need to protect your countertop against it by utilizing trivets. Using this, you would still be able to place your kettle, pots, and pans on the countertop, plus you can always get one with a unique design and color to make it more interesting.
Taking care of your countertop only means two things; years of service, and more money for you since you do not have to buy another one. Do the tips above and use your countertop for a long period of time.